China And Iceland Working Together To Find Crypto Criminals

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Icelandic information technology service Advania has confirmed with their security footage that the police have apprehended the right two men for the three burglaries at data centers in Iceland last December and January, local news outlet Visir reported Feb. 21. Visir had earlier reported that there were three burglaries in total, from a period of Dec. 5, 2017 to […] Iceland has become a refuge and safe haven for the bitcoin miners. With an adequate power supply at low rates, conserved from the volcanic activity and appropriate cooling temperatures to keep the computers running, Iceland is an ideal mining destination. The Iceland region has a very moderate population of around 3,40,000. The power supply is available more liberally to bitcoin miners than ... Iceland and China may have to coordinate their efforts to solve the latest in a string of international crypto-crimes in 2018. As cryptocurrency adoption increases so does the opportunity for crypto-related crime. Recent reports from Iceland’s National Broadcasting Service claim stolen Bitcoin mining rigs have potentially turned up in China ... In what has been coined the “big bitcoin heist,” 600 computers used for bitcoin mining have been stolen from data centers across Iceland. Authorities in that sparsely populated island nation on the Arctic Circle say that it’s the largest series of robberies ever to hit Iceland. Police there believe that these thefts are tied to ... Iceland’s Bitcoin miner heist: A high-gliding fugitive and suspect hardware in Tianjin. This year, what has been described as one of Iceland’s “largest criminal cases in history” has seen an outlandish set of twists and turns, leading all the way to the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. In February, news broke of a series of unprecedented thefts, involving powerful computing equipment ... Iceland’s Bitcoin miner heist: A high-gliding fugitive and suspect {hardware} in Tianjin. This yr, what has been described as certainly one of Iceland’s “largest prison circumstances in historical past” has seen an outlandish set of twists and turns, main all the way in which to the northern Chinese metropolis of Tianjin. In February, information broke of a sequence of unprecedented ... 600 seized computers used for Bitcoin mining in China could well be the same 600 stolen from Iceland three months ago. Given the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies over the past few years, mining has become a seriously lucrative endeavor. All over the world miners have set up operations, big and small, as they look to capitalize on dwindling Bitcoin rewards from processing transactions ... Icelandic Bitcoin mining equipment thief, Sindri Þór Stefánsson, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison on Jan. 17th. He was re-apprehended in the Netherlands after he fled custody and boarded a flight to Stockholm from Reykjavik in April 2018. Stefánsson made headlines in February last year when he stole Bitcoin mining equipment reportedly totaling $2 million in a string of ...

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Bitcoin Price Correction Over? Binance Launching Futures Trading Platform - Crypto News

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